Saturday, June 2, 2012

New @ viadellaRosa - Summer 2012 Keep Calm Collection

 You see it everywhere these days.  Keep Calm & Carry On was a motivation poster created during World War II to give strength to the citizens of London during the dark days of the war.  It's a simple sentiment that says a whole lot.  And everyone is saying it everywhere, in all kinds of different way.  My particular favorite is "Keep Calm and Call Batman".  Just gold.

viadellaRosa has been producing "Keep Calm & Pray Your Rosary" for a few years now.  Sometimes, it needs to just be said.  However, this Summer, I've changed to the tune to something more straight and to the point, more in the tone of the original.

Keep Calm and Pray in Stiletto Red
The Summer Collection has 10 different colors, from dark and comforting to bright and exhilarating.  For now, they're available in the 8"x10" print, but they will soon be available in our favorite glass tile pendant.  Now, whether you're a Catholic, or not, you can have a little motivation when things get rough.

Past Season Prints and Pendants On Sale for 50% off
As well, past season pendants are on sale, along with a great many patron saint pendants and prints.  50% off.  I only do this twice a year, so get your self on over there.  While you're there, take a look at all the new pieces too!

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